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Adventure Program

Creating A Well Mannered Dog With A Lifelong Bond


Doggie Daytime Adventures

Two Hour Individual Hike - $100

Four Hour Individual Hike - $180

Two Hour Pack Hike - $90

Four Hour Pack Hike - $150

GREAT FOR ACTIVE DOGS WHO NEED GUARANTEED EXERCISE. Are you gone all day, too exhausted to take your dog out and about when you come home from work after a long day? We can help! We would love to take your dog on an individual or pack hike (depending on your dog's needs and if they do better alone or in a pack.) We offer half day hikes as well as full day hikes, and include tons of pictures! Contact us today to set up your dog's next adventure!

**If you'd like your dog to be well-behaved on these or your future hikes, check out our Adventure Obedience program below!

Adventure Obedience

Two Hour Adventure Training - $150
Four Hour Adventure Training - $270

Love going on adventures? We do too! Have your dog learn obedience and manners while out on the trails! The Adventure Obedience is included in our Board & Train program. We also offer Adventure Obedience to those not in our Board & Train program! Daily hiking distractions your dog will learn to cope with; wildlife, (which would bring out their prey drive,) markings from other dogs, waterfalls and creeks, and other people and dogs on the hike.

Skills They Will Learn:

  • Sit, on the trails, with other hikers passing by, being calm & patient

  • Down, on the trails, with other hikers passing by, being calm & patient

  • Climb, on a log or bench that we come across on the trail

  • Recall 

  • Off-leash recall (E-Collar required)

  • Off-leash on the trail (E-Collar required)

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