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What does Top of the Mountain K9 do differently than others in your field?

I absolutely love adventures, so I specialize in balanced dog training while out in the mountains and with all of the cacti! The desert is a beautiful place with so many places to explore, and I believe all dogs deserve to experience the greatness that the outdoors has to offer!

What is your training methodology?

The training method that I use to train dogs is balanced training. This means that I teach the dogs boundaries, using positive and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement being food, praise, toys, and anything the dog deems a reward in order to do something. Negative reinforcement being a pop on the leash with the prong collar, a nick on the e-collar, or anything else the dog deems as slightly discomforting. My ultimate goal is to create a better understanding with the dog in what we are asking of them, in a very positive way! But if we don't ever tell them "no," how will they ever understand they aren't supposed to do something?

Which types of animals does Top of the Mountain K9 train?

I train dogs! I do NOT discriminate against any breed of dog. I have and am willing to train dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages, from a 1 year old Chihuahua to an 8 year old Mastiff! No dog is too big, old, young, small, etc.

Where is Top of the Mountain K9 located?

We are currently located in Glendale, Arizona, right outside of Phoenix, Arizona!

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