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My Services

Creating A Well Mannered Dog With A Lifelong Bond

Doggie Daytime Adventures

Two Hour Individual Hike - $100
Four Hour Individual Hike - $180
Two Hour Pack Hike - $90
Four Hour Pack Hike - $150

GREAT FOR ACTIVE DOGS WHO NEED GUARANTEED EXERCISE. Are you gone all day, too exhausted to take your dog out and about when you come home from work after a long day? We can help! We would love to take your dog on an individual or pack hike (depending on your dog's needs and if they do better alone or in a pack.) We offer half day hikes as well as full day hikes, and include tons of pictures! Contact us today to set up your dog's next adventure.

Board & Train

3-Weeks - $1,600

4-Weeks - $2,100

5-Weeks - $2,600

6-weeks - $3,100

Want more weeks? +$500 per week


Herm Sprenger Prong included, if you would like off-leash training, E-Collar is required for an extra fee from the brands I recommend. Length of board & train recommendation is based off of our free evaluation services. Your dog will stay with us in our home, so we require your dog to be fully crate trained for their own safety as well as our other furry student's safety. We send daily updates on your pet's progress, all tailored to your pet's as well as your own needs and wants! Check out our Board & Train page to learn more. Come and see how much your dog can improve in just a few short weeks!


Boarding With Training Refresher - $50/Night

Regular Boarding - $40/Night

Boarding Small Animal/Reptile - $28/Night

***Half Price For Any Additional Pet

We will board any and all pets! We will take in dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles, etc. Have you used one or more of our training services? Going out of town and want your dog to come back to us and get a daily refresher training session while on vacation? For $50 a night, we will do one 30 minute to an hour training refresher session with your dog!

Adventure Obedience

Board & Train Add On - $500

Two Hour Adventure Training - $150

Four Hour Adventure Training - $270

Love going on adventures? We do too! Have your dog learn obedience and manners while out on the trails! We provide a board & train add on for an additional $500. Your dog will learn impulse control around wildlife, (which would bring out their prey drive,) markings from other dogs, waterfalls and creeks, other people and dogs on the hike, and avoid loosing your pet in the forest with off-leash obedience (E-Collar purchase required.) We also offer Adventure Obedience for those not in our Board & Train program!


Basic Obedience (4 Lessons) - $500
Advanced Obedience (6 Lessons) - $650
Off-Leash Obedience (6 Lessons) - $650
Individual Lessons - $130 per session

Lessons are a great way for you to strengthen your bond with your dog! We will work together to accomplish obedience and your goals throughout the training. Check out my Lessons page to learn more in-depth about my Lessons program!

Competition Obedience

Board & Train (4 weeks) - $3,300
Lessons (8 Lessons) - $850

Are you looking to compete with your dog? Let us help you train them! They will learn everything needed in the type of competition you are wanting to compete in! For example, we will teach a head up heel, sit, down, front, call into heel, etc. 

**Note, E-Collar is required

Pet Photography

One Hour Session - $95

All of the photos on my website are all taken by me on my professional camera. We will meet at a mutual location that you would like your pictures taken at, and I will spend an hour with your dog taking pictures! Once the pictures are edited, I will send you all of the good ones! Check out my Instagram @lakota_thetrickdog for my portfolio! 

**Printed and digital products are not included in the one hour session pricing.

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